A Mural in Makawao

This is a partial view of a mural located in a public parking lot. The lot is located at the end of Ai street which is 1 block west of Baldwin Avenue just off Mawawao Avenue.  

Surf at La Perouse

Maui 2012

New Images have been added to the site from this years visit. There where many places I wanted to return to in order to get some updated versions of older images but I didn’t manage to get to all of them. In some cases the weather was a factor (Much more cloud cover than usual) and in others I was just too busy relaxing.

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Struggling Against Extinction

The Nene has endured a long struggle against extinction. During the 1940s, this beautiful species was almost wiped out by laws which allowed the birds to be hunted during their winter breeding seasons when the birds were the most vulnerable.

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Curtis Wilson Cost

One of my favorite artists on Maui. I descovered his work back in the late 80’s and have stopped by the gallery every year since then.



Need to know about The Weather, The Surf Conditions or The Tides on Maui. Your covered Right Here.


To-Hawaii (Maui Beaches)

Looking for beaches on Maui? Find those and more here.   Click Here for a Map of Maui Beaches.